Benefits of Sustainability

The organisations that sign up to the Charter become part of a network of organisations whose shared ambition is to make Wales more sustainable.  The benefits of adopting sustainable development as the central organising principle are:

Future proofing
Allowing decisions to be future-proofed, protecting your organisation by meeting the needs of current and future generations;

Promoting innovation
Helping promote innovation and new thinking in the development of sustainable goods and services, setting your organisation apart as a leader and allowing you to take advantage of future opportunities;

Cutting costs

Promoting resource savings, energy efficiency and waste reduction and generating bottom-line cost savings that can be used to fund other services;

Enhancing reputation

Safeguarding and enhancing the reputation of your organisation locally, nationally and internationally;

Making better decisions

Aiding consistency of decision-making across the board so that all decisions are based on a comprehensive view of economic, social and environmental considerations;

Being more effective

Promoting joined-up working within (and between) organisations, moving away from working in silos, generating cost-savings and efficiencies and having more effective joined-up delivery to communities, citizens and customers.