Sustainable Development Charter – Have your say

SD Charter Review event

What sustainability means in Wales, and how the private, public and voluntary sectors can work together to achieve it, is changing.
In 2015 the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act (WFG) became law. The Act creates a definition in law of sustainable development and puts in place one shared vision for the well-being of Wales.

Wales is committed to maintaining its position as a global leader in Sustainable Development. Through improving their sustainability, organisations can enjoy a range of benefits – from savings on things like energy bills, right through to ensuring our places of work and communities are happier, healthier and more prosperous than before. Being able to demonstrate sustainability credentials is rapidly becoming something that organisations are asked to do to secure customers and win work, meaning this topic is of commercial, as well as environmental, social and cultural, importance.
The Welsh Government is committed to supporting organisations to understand and realise the benefits of working in line with sustainable development principles. It has commissioned a consultancy called Databuild to engage with businesses, the public and third sector, to understand what Government can do to help them become more sustainable. The Welsh Government wish to understand how funded support for sustainable development can be more effective at driving change and encouraging organisations to adopt sustainability at the core of their ways of working, and more aligned to the Well-being of Future Generations Act. This will include an examination of the existing Sustainable Development Charter. The review will culminate in the Welsh Government signing off the designing of a new programme of support to be launched in 2017.

Have your say

  • Welsh organisations are being invited to supply evidence in a number of ways. Databuild have been commissioned to deliver a programme of workshops, events and surveys. These will be taking place in October and November. To register interest in participating in the review, provide your details to one of our representatives, or email .
  • To complete a short online survey in relation to the future of support for sustainable development in Wales, visit: (in English) (in Welsh) .