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The Charter has always been about organisations working closely together – especially around the point of sharing sustainable development good practice. Each year signatories are required to address a challenge to embed sustainable development in the heart of their organisation.

In the text below you can find more information about the challenge, the reporting requirements and the support we can give you to complete the challenges.

Organisational Challenges 

A consistent feature of being a Charter signatory has been the requirement to take part in the annual challenge and provide evidence on progress. This has proved to be a valuable way of identifying and sharing good practice. This will continue to be a compulsory activity – with every signatory being required to submit evidence on both the strategic and tactical progress they are making on general sustainable development issues – along with their progress on putting sustainable development at the heart of their organisation.

Sustainable Development Charter Challenge 2015/16

This year we are asking organisations who have signed the Charter to provide us with evidence that can be used to assist the Public Sector in preparation for the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act.

At the core of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act are a set of five governance approaches or ways of working, which set-out how public bodies and Public Service Boards should work going forward. These could have an important role to play in introducing common principles to the operations of the public sector bodies and others, and helping to deliver more integrated solutions. 

We are aware that many Charter signatories are already working in a way that incorporates these ways of working, which are included in the Act architecture.

You can download the Well-being of Future Generations Act Architecture Diagram from the Welsh Government website.

We hope that by adopting these ways of working you will benefit. Our research on last years, charter challenges showed that engaged signatories are more likely to achieve their vision, the exemplar signatories had all engaged with us on several types of media, through individual and group meetings and by providing their evidence – which we are then able to feed back on. We hope that by taking part in this challenge we are able to support you to create and have access to a wide-range of case studies, and this will be an opportunity for you to align your organisation with the sustainable development principle that is outlined in the Act.

The Governance Approaches:

You can find out more about the five approaches by clicking on the links below: 

Long Term





We would like signatories to share with us examples of how they are working in a way that incorporates the governance approaches, or adopt one or more of the approaches as a way of working for this coming year and report back to us on your experiences.

There will be regular support, guidance and engagement events. All the updates and progress from these challenges will be widely promoted too – ensuring lots of learning is shared.