Annual Challenge 2014/15

The Charter has always been about organisations working closely together – especially around the point of sharing sustainable development good practice. Each year signatories are required to address a challenge to embed sustainable development in the heart of their organisation.

2014 – 2015 Organisational Challenge – corporate sustainable development policy and strategy

Following the review of the Charter and to enable us set a standard benchmark and measure ongoing progress, we asked organisations to complete the following challenge:

We want you to submit evidence of your embedding of SD into your organisation this could be your corporate sustainable development policy or statement signed by your CEO/Director, a case study, a corporate plan or Single Integrated Plan or another document that you feel shows your commitment to SD you need to submit your evidence by  19 December 2014.

The findings of analysis undertaken on this challenge were presented at the 2015 SD Charter Annual Conference SD Charter Annual Conference Charter Presentation. You can view the evidence submitted by signatories by visiting their signatory pages


SD Charter Annual Report 2014/15


Collaborative Challenges

Charter signatory organisations were also encouraged to take part in a collaborative challenge. This involved organisations working together to identify problems, develop ideas, share knowledge, take collective action and joint reporting. This involved organisations from similar sectors working together, was based on locality, or organisation size.

Although the approach was voluntary, a number of signatories embraced this as way of developing new approaches to sustainability innovation. The collaborative challenges took place between 1 January 2014 – 31 December 2014. 

In February 2015 some of our collaborative challenge participants met in Llandrindod Wells to discuss their experiences the outcomes of this meeting can be found in this report: